Почетна Контакт

Творби на учениците


Dear Auntie Pat,

Last year I had a problem too. I wrote a letter to Aguny Aunt and she helped me with my problem. I hope you can help me too.

My room is often untidy. Like for example, when I get home from school, I don't put my jeans in my wardrobe, but instead I put them on my chair. At last, when I realize that I can't sit on my chair I take them off the chair and I put them in my wardrobe. My mom gets really angry about this. She always says to me this: Are you relaxed when you see how untidy your room is?

I don't want this to happen anymore. I don't want to say: I will clear the room later on, I will clear the room tomorrow, I'm tired now... This doesn't happen only for my jeans, it happens for many other clothes. Like: jacket, T-shirt, sweater and something like that. And when I prepare my bag for school, I don't always know where my books are, because I don't always put them where they're supposed to be.

So, my question is WHAT SHOULD I DO considering the other things like homework, tests and other?  Bye for now.



Best regards

Nikola Simonoski, aged 12





Hi Nikola,

I see your problem. I can give you some advice. Maybe it will help you.

First, you don't know where your things are, like the books. So you must be organised.

Secondly, you can make a plan. For ex. you can write that you must put your clothes in wardrobe when you get undressed from school. But you must be strict to the plan.

Thirdly, you must make these things (putting your clothes in wardrobe, putting your books on the right place...) your routines.

Finally, your room will always be clean.

I hope my advice will help you.

Best wishes,

Kristina Koneva (Auntie Pat) 

The Halloween song

Hey,hey,hey I love

this day


It's always

on 31th of 10th


Here we go, here we go

the Halloween night

comes along 


Kids come and go,

they are ringing on 

your doorbell

They say:

Trick or Treat!

If you don't give 

us candy

be aware of the trick!    


By Leonid Cvetinovski 


I can see fire place that is lighting the room.
I can hear the kids laughs and screams of joy.
I can smell the hot tea waiting for me.
I can touch the snow and it's cold like ice.
I can feel the warm air in the house.

By Ilina Milosheska

Tamara Miloshevska (Incredible English 2)


Nina Kostadinova (Incredible English 2)


Marija Dineska (Incredible English 2)


Jana Hristova (Incredible English 2)


Emil Risteski (Incredible English 2)


Ana Marija Klincharska (Incredible English 2)


Damjan Kirovski (I stepen)


Tayla Ramadan (I stepen)


Nina Kostadinova (Incredible English 2)


Marija Dineska (Incredible English 2)


Emil Risteski (Incredible English 2)


Ana Marija Klincharska (Incredible English 2)


Simon Ilic


Boban Mitrevski


Anja Angelovska


Simon Ilic


Boban Mitrevski


Matea Mitrevska


Matej Lozanovski


Iva Dimitriovska


My Puppet - Iva Dimitriovska


My Puppet - Jana Hristova


My Puppet - Tamara Miloshevska


My Puppet - Olivera Prodanova




If I ruled the world, the first thing I would do is prevent terrorism and pollution. I thing that is one of the most serious problems we face. I would make sure that the police stop terrorism.  I would also make more cleaning actions and more penalties for throwing garbage in the nature. In my view, we could save a lot of endangered species.

The next thing I would do is make governments stop the arms trade. I believe we could save millions of lives.

There are some less serious things I would do, too. I would ban turbo-folk music because I am convinced that it is terrible and I would increases film programs on TV. Finally, I would make my teacher give us less homework.



 Elena Galevska 

Dear Problem Page

I have a very big problem. My classes at school start at 8 o'clock every morning. I can't be late because the teachers will see that I'm absent.
Every night I go to sleep very late. It's very difficult for me to wake up at 7.15, prepare myself and be at school at 8.
I wish that I can go to school when I wake up. I wish not to have exams. I wish to visit the classes I like. I wish to have gym every day.
I really don't know the answer. Do I have to go to sleep earlier and behave as the school rules say, or could the school rules be changed?

Дамјан Ѓуровски-трет степен